. . . A Letter from Sandy Bassett
Some thoughts as we get close to the end of another year.
Pet Friendz board members and volunteers have had another very busy and very costly year. What we do behind the scenes no one is aware of but us ...You call...we help. But the truth is it is not that easy to do what we do. 

We have made many sacrifices for this group for 15 plus years to help this community. We do this without complaint and trust me it is not always or even often a gratifying job. One develops a very thick skin doing rescue . . . Alligator hide to be exact.

We have, in the past been able to get $185,000 in grant money approved to help fix canines.  We spent every penny of that grant money in this county and it had a huge impact on cutting down on the dog/puppy over-population. 

Add to that the $250,000 spent on assisting low oncome pet owners with spay/neuter programs and fixing every single pet we placed (6000 plus) and the impact is impressive, at least for the canine world . 

By this time of year in our early years (2001) we might be housing 12-13 litters of unwanted puppies in need of homes . . . This year ONE litter. ONE, That kind of says it all! 

Feline overpopulation numbers were high then (2000) and still remain high!  Out of control really.  Today our target spay/neuter program has been on the huge feline overpopulation in this county . . . but it takes money . . . money and more money! 

We have held many fundraisers . . . made and sold cat nip bags by the thousands, begged and borrowed. We and the Vets have scheduled multiple low cost clinics here locally to fix pets and the group helped pay for as many as possible for you who could not pay.  But the calls for help continue . . . 

People call for help with everything from fixing a pet, to needing pet food, for help with shots, ticket payments from Animal Control, illness, euthanasia and on most every stray who shows up. Being here to serve/help takes money and lots of it! 

Though we plead for help from the community, the response has been low . . . We are very grateful for our donors that do help us . . . many of you are repeat donors. THANKS!

So here is the heart of our truth . . . the bottom line ... We as a 501c3 all volunteer rescue can not continue unless we get financial help! I know it sounds like a broken record . . . we get that but we are as exhausted asking as you all are listening. If anyone out there appreciates what we do and can afford a tax deductible, end of year donation we need your help! We need help to continue ... end of story.