Spay /Neuter Transport 

Need spay/neuter and don’t want to drive to Warren? All About Pet's Transport Van will safely pick your pet up in the morning Fix your pet at their Warren clinic and return your pet the next morning!  Cats $40  Dogs $80  See locations and dates for drop off and pick up on the calendar link below.

Their licensed veterinarians specialize in pediatric spay/neuter; safely fixing pets as young as 8 weeks old weighing 2 lbs. or more.

Wellness services, such as vaccines, heartworm testing and microchipping are available for your pet at the time of their spay/neuter. Click here for more information about available wellness care and spay/neuter grant discount specials that may apply for your pet.  Read more here and for more dates and locations!

Appointment required. Call Debbie at 810-417-0856 to schedule.a
Kitties just love Donna Emerson's Catnip Bags.  Donna, her quilting group and friends volunteer making these cute bags and provide them as a fundraiser for Cass River Pet FriendZ! Thank you!

Cat approved cat nip bags for Valentines Day and St. Pattys on sale soon.

Calling all catnip bag lovers (people too)! Fabrics are constantly changing and include holiday themes.  Each $1.50 bag helps support our spay/neuter assistance program and can be purchased at the following locations:

CARO: Tropic Fish & Pets, Murdogs,Vandemark's fruit stand (seasonal), and Holly's
CASS CITY: Rawson Library, All Pets Veterinary Clinic
FAIRGROVE: Laursen Veterinary Service
SEBEWAING, Ace Hardware
VASSAR: Forever Green Grow Shoppe
SILVERWOOD: Tuscola Canine Academy
It's now fast and easy to make donations to PetfriendZ online. It's secure and encrypted too! Major Credit Cards Accepted or Paypal ~Thank you!
A non-profit organization dedicated to assisting in the spaying and neutering of companion animals as well as providing limited emergency veterinary funds to local seniors and residents of Tuscola County who have fallen on hard times.  Fundraising and collecting donations is ongoing in order to support this challenge! Please consider donating, fundraising or making a memorial for a pet or loved one to assist us in this challenge!  Cass River PetfriendZ is a 501c registered non-profit organization. 
Cass River Pet FriendZ

P.O. Box 513 Caro, Mi. 48723-0513
Help Us!  You can help us eliminate the pain and suffering of the over population of cats and dogs by donating to our cause.  

You can donate safely and securely through Paypal by clicking on the donation button above.  If you prefer you can send us a check to 

Cass River Pet FriendZ P.O. Box 513 Caro, Mi. 48723  Thank you!
15 Years Later and $350,000 invested in our spay/neuter program.  Pet FriendZ has placed in "forever homes" or transferred to other rescues 3400+dogs and 3500+cats.  We have working relationships established with Tuscola County and other rescue groups that assist in placements of unwanted and found animals.
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Have us make a beautiful memorial for your loved one! 

 For any amount of donation, you can have a beautiful graphic memorial poster created for your human loved one or furbaby.You can share your memorial on Facebook, e-mail etc. Your memorial can be displayed permanently on our memorial section unless you prefer otherwise.Take a look at some of our beautiful memorials.  Click here!
Catnip Bags! 
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~Sandy's Weekly Soundbite ~ Feb. 05

A week in the life of fur balls and phone calls~~~Many "found pets" were called in and posted this week....most were cats, some dogs. A couple of dogs got back home to owners by sharing info on our page. We are glad to report the little dog dodging traffic on Hooper St and then M 81 out by VGs made it to safety at the Caro Health Plaza where some kind gal was able to grab him and find owner from his tag ID. YAY a dog with ID on it and tags....might be a first.

MANY incoming calls that cats and dogs are in heat....YES they are and that is WHY they need to be fixed....people do not like screeching cats in heat, keeps them up at night. Nor the mess from the dog's cycle~~so calls are on the increase!!!

We helped fewer pets get fixed this week as funds are shrinking and we are limiting how many we can afford to help week by week. We are also referring callers to the mobile Spay and Neuter Express Clinic.....They are coming to this area this month, Caro Feb. 24th Big Acre and then again to Cass City April 30th. See the banner at the top of our facebook page.

First week of February spending: 5 cats were assisted with vouchers for surgery. 2 dogs were helped with spay vouchers as well. We assisted with Vet visit costs for 3 pet emergencies. $455.00 went out and $240.74 came in.....Thank You to those who made donations by the way...But the reality is we are still spending more than we are making and as we all know that does not work out well for long.

Enough time has passed now I think I can safely say Khaleesi, the calico cat I fostered for most of the month of January....and almost went tay tay doing working out in her new home. As with me she gave her new Daddy many surprises and messes. But when we last spoke he seemed willing to work with her and is hoping she stops hopping in the refrigerator every time the door opens. Cross your paws all that she stays there
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