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Urgent Plea Continued . . .
Our Urgent Plea Continued . . .

Our Urgent Plea! I have been struggling with this plea for a while. I have wondered when the best time would be to ask, how I should begin, how I should word it, what to ask for, who to ask, how to go about asking and on and on.  After days of deliberation and prayer, it came to me in a “Ah ha” moment this morning. This overwhelming thought message came to me; “Just ask from the bottom of your heart! Just put it out there!” So here goes . . . I am going out on a limb!

Our homeless pets, many Tuscola County residents and Cass River PetfriendZ needs your financial help! Over the years PetfriendZ volunteers have rescued thousands of dogs and cats, found homes for them, fund raised every way they could, assisted many homeless injured animals, assisted folks to spay and neuter their pets, offered up food and litter, and on and on.

Right now today, we are very low on funds and desperately need financial help to continue our efforts to assist in emergency help for folks that have fallen on hard times and can’t afford to get veterinary services for their sick or injured pet. Also of prime importance is to acquire funds so that we can continue our spay and neuter program.  Cass River PetfriendZ has been working on this problem for years and has made a difference but must continue and can’t do it alone.  

Sandy Bassett, Patricia Trisch, Susan and Dennis Green just to name a few have worked hard and volunteered their time and energy to keep operations going.  

I have been the webmaster which has not involved the rigorous life sacrifices that those individuals mentioned above have had to make. So I have taken it upon myself to reach out and simply ask for your help right now!

I have set up a Gofundme fundraiser entitled Cass River Petfriendz Urgent Plea to raise $10,000 dollars to keep Cass River PetfriendZ programs going.  I am donating $100 and asking for those of you who can to match me.  Or give what you can.  Every dollar will help.  If you prefer to donate by check you can send a check to Cass River Pet FriendZ  P.O. Box 513 Caro, Mi 48723.

Any donation, whether you can only donate $5 or more will definitely help. We are a small county and just don’t have the funding sources that many metropolitan communities have.

I realize some of you will read this and immediately dismiss this and think that this doesn’t concern you but I also know that many of you will see the importance of this urgent need and respond either financially or by sharing the link and spreading the word . . . or both.

I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to please consider making a small or large contribution to this Cass River PetfriendZ Urgent Plea to raise $10,000 dollars.  We so desperately need this for our furry friends in Tuscola County.  

Please consider sharing this post with your facebook friends. Every effort will help. You can donate on our Gofundme webpage located here gofundme.com/bw7u8wz4 Your dollars are tax deductable as Cass River PetfriendZ is a 501c registered non-profit organization. 

Thanks in advance for your kind and loving support. I really believe if we pull together, we can make our goal. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this urgent plea.

Thank you,

Lynn D. Lehman